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About us

Mastering the world of information

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Our Mission


Germany’s responsible digital transformation in science, economy and society is the great challenge we focus on. We pave the way toward future information systems, we enable the information-based design of innovative materials for key applications in technology and life sciences, and we decode information processing in the brain and other in living systems. We carefully address the related societal challenges with respect to security, ethical aspects and sustainability.


By integrating natural, technical, cognitive, and social systems, we develop next-generation materials, a deeper understanding of information flow in biological systems, fundamental algorithms, and high-performance (exascale) computing tools for the safe and secure collection, processing, analysis, storage, transfer, and usage of information across all scales and disciplines. Efficient knowledge and technology transfer guarantees the responsible and efficient use of data to enable informed decision making, creation of enabling technologies, treatment of diseases, and solving global challenges.


Empowered by well-established multi- and transdisciplinary work-flows and a system-oriented view, we study biological and technical systems at all levels (i.e. from genes to proteins to single cells to the human brain, or from nanostructures to quantum devices). In our concept, materials science and neuro sciences are implemented in a twofold fashion: as the basis for, as well as applications in the field of information technologies. By the parallel development and implementation of cutting edge experimental, simulation and supercomputing tools, our work spans from the analysis of materials to their virtual design and engineering.

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