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Cross-Cutting Activities

Linking competences within the Research Field Information and across Helmholtz

Methods- and concepts-oriented cross-linking beyond Program and RF boundaries.

The scientists in the Research Field Information have enormous expertise in software development and data processing, and they have access to an extremely powerful IT infrastructure. The use of innovative methods for data analysis, such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics or innovative imaging techniques, is a matter of course for them. Large-scale scientific equipment - from satellites, which we equip with specially developed measuring instruments, to accelerator facilities that are in high demand internationally, to supercomputers of the highest international class - constantly provide them with new data. All this enables extremely complex simulations in the research sector and beyond, for example for highly complex climate models.

Consequently, data and data systems are a guarantor for cutting-edge research in the field of information: They inspire researchers to new, creative research approaches across topics and research fields, and they hold the knowledge for innovative answers to the central questions of our time. Often, cross-cutting collaboration significantly accelerates the scientific discovery process, which is why a variety of "cross-cutting activities" have been implemented in the research field: Joint Labs, incubator platforms and projects, and various bottom-up initiatives by researchers. The following page provides an overview of cross-cutting activities involving the Research Field Information.

Joint Labs

Joint Labs epitomize a dynamic approach to top-tier, transdisciplinary research that can't be contained within standard program structures. Serving as catalysts, JLs enhance cooperation within the Research Field (RF) and foster connections with other RFs in the Helmholtz Association.

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Research Software Engineering

Scientific software is becoming increasingly important for the success of research and to generate new knowledge. With this in mind, the field of Research Software Engineering (RSE) is forming as a new subject of interest and investigation, in Europe, Germany and the Helmholtz Association.

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Electronic Lab Notebooks

Experience how Electronic Lab Notebooks enhance efficiency, data management, and collaboration in modern scientific research. Discover the benefits of digital lab notes for your research project

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