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The scientific research focus of the RF Information is basic methods and general concepts for the use of information: the basic principles of information processing, the development of future data analytics and computing technologies, as well as innovative materials development, addressing the entire design and process cycle. This research involves the study of natural, artificial and cognitive processing systems, the exploration of new materials and concepts, and the development of strategies to incorporate this new knowledge into the most powerful next-generation computers and algorithms. The design of new technologies is accompanied by the assessment of ethical and sociological consequences of our digital world.

Copyright: Gabrielle Schlipf

Program-oriented Research

The Information-oriented research in our Research Field is subdivided in three strategic strands:

The Research Portfolio of Helmholtz Information unified in three Programs:

The first Program deals with the enormous methodological, technical, organizational and societal challenges facing modern science, technology and society in the age of digital transformation. On this basis, the second Program focuses on the development of future, powerful, energy-efficient and neuro-inspired information systems. Research will range from physical principles to technical implementations and from neural information processes to clinical and technical applications. The third Program forms a strong link with the other Programs. It focuses on the digitization and biologization of materials sciences and materials engineering through the digital imaging of materials, manufacturing processes and applications. For the last two Programs, complementary approaches are pursued in research on quantum and biological materials: while Program 2 focuses more on the aspect of materials for information processing, Program 3 concentrates on generic aspects of materials research in the information era.

Copyright: Gabrielle Schlipf