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Joint Labs

Joint Labs as an instrument for excellent research in a transdisciplinary research portfolio across the boundaries of programs and Research Fields in Helmholtz

Copyright: Gabrielle Schlipf

Joint Labs represent a very important instrument for the Helmholtz Research Field Information, which strengthen internal cooperation within the RF and build bridges to other RFs within the Helmholtz Association. The JLs exploit synergies between the RFs, formulate completely new scientific questions, and create innovative approaches to solutions in areas such as high-performance computing, simulation and data analytics, materials research methods (design, synthesis or processing, characterization, and translation in applications) or quantum technologies across the boundaries of the Programs and Research Fields using state-of-the-art digital methods. This page provides an overview of the role of the Joint Labs for the Research Field of Information and their contribution to addressing new challenges in the field of information science by leveraging synergies with other programs and RFs within Helmholtz.

Joint Labs in detail