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Helmholtz AI

Discover Helmholtz AI: Democratising AI across the Helmholtz Association

Helmholtz AI is one of five platforms initiated by the Helmholtz Information and Data Science Incubator. Its main goal is to become a driver for applied artificial intelligence (AI) through the development and distribution of AI methods across all Helmholtz centres, combining AI-based analytics effectively with Helmholtz' unique research questions and datasets. By implementing a Helmholtz-wide network for applied AI, Helmholtz AI builds on the current AI strengths in the Helmholtz Association and brings together scientists from all centres, provides support in their needs and thereby fosters transdisciplinary and ground-breaking research. Democratising access to AI maximises research impact, enabling Helmholtz AI to potentially reach an international leadership position in the field.

Helmholtz AI is organised into one central and five local units operated at different Helmholtz centres and supporting the six research fields in the association. The local unit for the Research field “Information” is established at Forschungszentrum Jülich and implemented with a research group at the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-1) and an AI Consultant team at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC).  It works at the intersection of AI, high-performance computing (HPC), and neuroscience, with a focus on methods for biomedical image analysis and the training and operation of large-scale AI models on supercomputing clusters.

The local unit offers direct support for researchers through vouchers, Helmholtz AI projects, and consultancy, so do not hesitate to get in touch.


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