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Frontiers of Science Infrastructure

Dive into the world of Helmholtz Information, where advanced Research Infrastructures and Electronic Lab Notebooks are shaping the future of information research

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In the vanguard of scientific innovation, Helmholtz Information is redefining the "Frontiers of Science Infrastructure." This endeavor features a wide range of advanced Research Infrastructures, each making a distinct contribution to the field of information research. Spanning from supercomputing to the cutting-edge areas of quantum computing and nanotechnology, these infrastructures epitomize the essence of exploration and discovery. They are instrumental in pushing the boundaries of materials research, computational science, and data management, fostering an environment where groundbreaking innovations can flourish.

Complementing these infrastructures, Helmholtz Information also emphasizes the role of "Electronic Lab Notebooks" (ELNs). These digital platforms are revolutionizing how scientific data is managed and shared. ELNs represent a significant step towards a more interconnected and efficient scientific community, aligning perfectly with the mission of Helmholtz Information to drive digital transformation in science and society.

Research Facilities

Dive into a world of cutting-edge technology and advanced research facilities. Learn more about supercomputers, quantum computing, and micro- and nanotechnology pushing the boundaries of science

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Electronic Lab Notebooks

Experience how Electronic Lab Notebooks enhance efficiency, data management, and collaboration in modern scientific research. Discover the benefits of digital lab notes for your research project

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