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Helmholtz Platform for Research Software Engineering - Preparatory Study

Understanding Research Software Engineering

A common definition of Research Software Engineering (RSE) is ‘the use of software engineering practices in research applications’. It’s an intricate understanding of research with software engineering experience which focuses on making research software reproducible, sustainable and reusable.

Challenges: However, the importance of proper software engineering techniques for scientific software has not yet been recognized at all levels. Also, the evaluation measures for research are not set in a way that would support sustainable work on scientific software. The situation is further complicated as the methods of conventional software engineering addressing an industrial context cannot be transferred one to one to scientific reality and workflows.

Helmholtz Platform for Research Software Engineering - Preparatory Study

Introducing the HiRSE Concept

The HiRSE concept (“Helmholtz Platform for Research Software Engineering”) addresses the establishment of central activities in RSE and the targeted sustainable funding of strategically important codes by so-called Community Software Infrastructure (CSI) groups as mutually supportive aspects of a single entity.

In a “preparatory study”, HiRSE_PS evaluates the core elements of the HiRSE concept and their interactions in practice over the funding period of three years (2022-2024). One work package deals with the operation of CSI groups, in particular also for young codes, and a second one with consulting and community.

The goal of the preparatory study is the further refinement of the concept, which can then be rolled out to the entire Research Field Information, or, if desired, to the entire Helmholtz Association with high prospects of success and high efficiency.

This project is funded by the Innovation Fund of the Research Field Information of the Helmholtz Association as well as by the four participating partners.

Get Involved

Getting involved in RSE and HiRSE_PS is simple: look for local RSE teams or start one, engage in the online discussions, participate in HiRSE events like the HiRSE Seminar Series and the Hackathons, get involved in the annual de-RSE conferences, volunteer for a working group, or help to write a position.

As we create and expand our RSE community both online and in-person, we continue to show that Research Software Engineering is everywhere and vital to research and must be viewed as a first-class research output.


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